No. 3

I’ve seen two of my scripts come alive in the last few weeks.

Elizabeth Boag gave an outstanding performance of my latest monologue at The Old Court Windsor last week. There are various stages of magic in script-writing. One of them is when your actor is finally on a professional stage being the character you initially brought into the world – with lights, costume and an audience! I felt like a proud parent, proud of both the character and Elizabeth.

“It is a powerful piece with deep underlying tones which Elizabeth performs effortlessly.”
Martin Denny, Artistic Director, The Old Court, July 2018.

Ten days before Windsor I witnessed the cold reading of my most recent short ensemble piece, thanks to Hidden Theatre. This was the first time I had heard the script, and the first time the actors had ever seen it. I can’t stress how important this is for polishing the script, particularly in an ensemble piece. I’ve improved the rhythm as a result, aspiring to make this script’s rhythm sound as if it is from one music genre, rather than many.

And now I must get back to a different “most recent”


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