No. 4

Everyday for one full month, for the last three years, I’ve written a “playlette” under the direction of Sebastian at an East London theatre. One particular 2017 playlette sparked an audio-series in me.

During the past year Jeremy Sheffer has directed regular readings/workshops of each episode. This has helped me both in redrafting each episode to a deadline, in fear of total peer-group humiliation in not producing quality work, and enabling me to hear the work to improve it. A few weeks ago the exceptional Matt Houlihan,¬†Gillian Horgan, Jimmy O’Donovan and Carianne Dunford read my latest draft of the whole series.

There are so many benefits in hearing your work by a group of trusted theatre-makers. They seem to understand your particular artistic lens but they also offer constructive criticism to be considered for the next draft. The approach to writing a script by redrafting each episode, for a scheduled reading/workshop, makes building a substantial script a more gentle and rational affair (in retrospect, of course).

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