No. 4

Everyday for one full month, for the last three years, I’ve written a “playlette” under the direction of Sebastian at an East London theatre. One particular 2017 playlette sparked an audio-series in me.

During the past year Jeremy Sheffer has directed regular readings/workshops of each episode. This has helped me both in redrafting each episode to a deadline, in fear of total peer-group humiliation in not producing quality work, and enabling me to hear the work to improve it. A few weeks ago the exceptional Matt Houlihan, Gillian Horgan, Jimmy O’Donovan and Carianne Dunford read my latest draft of the whole series.

There are so many benefits in hearing your work by a group of trusted theatre-makers. They seem to understand your particular artistic lens but they also offer constructive criticism to be considered for the next draft. The approach to writing a script by redrafting each episode, for a scheduled reading/workshop, makes building a substantial script a more gentle and rational affair (in retrospect, of course).

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