No. 16

My Summer got off to a fantastic start with rehearsals then a rehearsed staged reading of That Mad Little Planet Called Earth at Theatre 503 in London. We were delighted to perform to what seemed to be a near full auditorium, according to very generous supporters!

This Summer has, in part, been about writing up any adjustments needed to the script from our recent outing of this evolving project. I am grateful for the That Mad Little Planet Called Earth talented and tight ensemble who have brought life to this project. Here is what some members of the audience said:

“A tremendous success and a great cast.”

“A very clever performance. The actors were stunning! Looking forward to it flourishing far and wide.”

“It was so good to see your play last night. Really enjoyed it; you managed the spectrum of emotion from laugh out loud funny to very poignant. I thought it was excellent and I hope it does super well. Your actors really brought out some great dynamics.”

“Just adding my congratulations too! An intriguing play full of fun, wonderful characterisations and some delightful insights into how us human beings have been trying to survive since the dawn of time!!”

“Congratulations from me too on such a successful evening. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“I am a fan now. Please sign up for more…”

“Bravo! You managed to engage all the generations present and knowing how judgemental they are-that That mad little planet called Earth is a real hit! The kids absolutely loved it and are still talking about it…so are we. Sincerely hope these are is the beginning of its very bright future.”

We had fun.



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