This short audio piece is set in a futuristic post-Humanoid Revolution society when human’s aspiration, to be less emotional, has manifested to an extreme. A humanoid investigates an entirely isolated human living in a screen dominated pod.

Faye Maughan plays the seemingly mischievous humanoid, flirting between being human-like to computer-like, with razor-sharp precision.

Length: 6 minutes.

Written by Tamsin Irwin
Read by Faye Maughan

Alishia Love

Above: Faye Maughan

Tamsin Irwin, as sole author of HUMANOID, has asserted her moral rights in accordance with 77- 80 of the Copyright and Designs Act 1988.

Copyright © 2020 Tamsin Irwin. All Rights Reserved.

Listen here:

Faye Maughan
Agent:      LADA Management –

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  1. Wonderful read by our client, Faye Maughan. A thought provoking reflection on human emotion which was really enjoyed by all at LADA Management. Thank-you


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