No. 22

The increasingly long dark nights and looming lockdowns mean it is time for some serious theatrical escapism.

I’ve spent the last few days familiarizing myself with the actual sounds of our planets, thanks to NASA. I was intrigued to learn that the planet Earth has a high pitched youthful sound compared to the more dramatic sounds of Jupiter and Saturn. It seems our fictional characterizations of the planets were on the right track after all.

We are hoping to release the first episode of our audio version of That Mad Little Planet Called Earth within a few weeks. Stay tuned. Life goes on, as that’s Earth’s obsession…

No. 21

We are mid August: the first hints of Autumn are exposed in multiple sparkling spider webs at dawn and cool air at dusk. Nature quietly evolves in our adjusting human world. It is, as always, inspiring.

We are now thinking ahead to our Autumn audio productions and have started recording That Mad Little Planet Called Earth.

Covid-19 has changed the performance medium but it has not changed the bond that creating a performance entails – even on Zoom. I am so thankful to our trusted ensemble that have the talent and courage to bring scripts alive. Our performance focused Zooms are, as always, elevating! I hope you will hear the results when Autumn clearly rules again.


This short audio piece is set in a futuristic post-Humanoid Revolution society when human’s aspiration, to be less emotional, has manifested to an extreme. A humanoid investigates an entirely isolated human living in a screen dominated pod.

Faye Maughan plays the seemingly mischievous humanoid, flirting between being human-like to computer-like, with razor-sharp precision.

Length: 6 minutes.

Written by Tamsin Irwin
Read by Faye Maughan

Alishia Love

Above: Faye Maughan

Tamsin Irwin, as sole author of HUMANOID, has asserted her moral rights in accordance with 77- 80 of the Copyright and Designs Act 1988.

Copyright © 2020 Tamsin Irwin. All Rights Reserved.

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Faye Maughan
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No. 20

We are delighted to confirm that we have a new short audio drama set in a futuristic post-Humanoid Revolution society. This will be released on the eve of the end of lockdown in England.

Faye Maughan plays a highly sophisticated Humanoid desperately needing an emotional response from a human. This is the perfect short for those who feel they have overdone the screen-time in recent months…

Listen to a taster here:

One Body

This short monologue imagines the internal dilemma of the human mind when the body is not working as one.

Genre: Surreal.

Length: 7 minutes.

One Body
Written by Tamsin Irwin
Directed by Jeremy Sheffer
Starring Zoe Aronson

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 12.24.38 PM

Above: Zoe Aronson

Tamsin Irwin, as sole author ONE BODY, has asserted her moral rights in accordance with 77 – 80 of the Copyright and Designs Act 1988.

Copyright © 2020 Tamsin Irwin. All rights reserved.

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Zoe Aronson

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