No. 7

We had a very special rehearsal of my script at Shakespeare’s Globe Sackler Studios last week. I’ve never experienced such a sophisticated rehearsal room: purposely designed with stage space and acoustics in mind. It was wonderful to finally have all seven actors moving around as they read the script. The script is in audio format at present but the moving around helped to enable the actors get into character. We had enormous fun rehearsing and finally hearing the script, without each actor playing three parts! This was one of the most luxurious rehearsals for me, an inspiring rehearsal space and a full cast. I am grateful to the director, Jeremy Sheffer.

Meanwhile another dwarf planet called The Goblin has been discovered, so some last minute rewriting has been necessary. We are now preparing to take part in the final day of World Space Week at the oldest space society in the world, The British Interplanetary Society.

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