No. 14

Apart from London being warm, light and lush enough to pleasantly enjoy walking to off West End venues, Spring also offers what seems like an increase in new work. Last night I saw a play that is part of the Science Fiction Theatre Festival, the largest theatre festival of its kind in this country. Previous to that, I have seen short plays that are part of new writing nights alongside stand alone new full length plays at small venues. These might be your future Fleabags and This House in years to come, or they might never be picked up. Regardless, it’s an adventure (and often a frontier) you will always remember.

London is almost like Edinburgh Fringe Festival for new writing throughout the year. The city is alive with new work. I am cherishing this time, as I surprisingly cherished the creativity and outwardly looking UK during the 2012 Olympics. I do hope this blossoming continues in what could be years of uncertainty.

Whatever happens I am confident that I will look back at this decade as an inspiring time to be involved in new writing, and even worth visiting London for (you don’t have to live or write here). Writers write, wherever.

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