No. 1

For a number of years dear supporters have asked me “Do you have a website?” and I have wriggled “no”, as I know I should. Of course I should. But I’ve written so many plays and many of them have had fascinating lives and I don’t know where to begin…and most importantly, I’m British. The whole thing about creating a website about a live individual rather than a company, or historic figure, feels a bit vain to most British. Even naff. It is not a confidence issue but more of an ingrained cultural belief that if your work is any good it will be discovered – no-matter-what.
I know. Don’t say it. I’m learning.
This website is under construction as I grapple with being British in a more Americanized competitive world.
In the meantime, I’ve got two plays on in July. One in the West End in London on 4th July and another in Windsor on 14th July. Come and judge my work for yourself. Americans welcome!

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