No. 5

I was pleased to hear my present “warm-up” script in a rehearsed reading this week. I have a series to work on that will be heard in October yet I found myself, in August, writing a “warm-up” script in order to get into the right zone. That “warm-up” script has taken on it’s own life, and developed into something more substantial.

In our rehearsal I had the opportunity to clarify anything that might be confusing. This was the first time I had heard the script and could hear what flows and what doesn’t.

Gillian Horgan, an immensely talented actress who I trust to interpret my work at speed, wowed Hidden Theatre Company in the rehearsed reading. The rhythm and lyrical quality of her Irish accent brought beauty to the piece.

My advise is two-fold: writers write and the prospect of a sharing will inspire you to be crucially ruthless in editing – as dramatists need to hear their work to progress. Don’t wait for inspiration and perfection, just do it, so that the theatre-making magic can happen!


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